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Tournament organisation – MUOOR 2009

Here’s one from the archives! Tejas (our JT) dragged it up. Can you imagine playing outdoor regionals in January/February? This was the (infamous) year with the Sunday afternoon snow. I believe people are still talking about it. And not necessarily … Continue reading

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Nimbs’ Vision for Open Tour

Inspirational words indeed. Hello, As Nick mentioned in his email yesterday he is stepping down as Open Captain for the 2012 season, without wishing to make this another love in I’d like to thank him for the awesome job he … Continue reading

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The Strange Bl(ue)og – announcement

Hi again camdisc, As you may have noticed on the Open Tour renaming form (Google form), I’ve linked to a ‘Strange Blue’ blog. The more deductive of you will surmise this is an Entirely New Thing. Basically this has been … Continue reading

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The Future of Strange Blue Open Tour (please read and comment)

Dear camdisc, There’s been discussion amongst the so-called ‘brains trust’ of the Open team regarding the identity of said team. Essentially, SB has an unusual structure: we have the CambUni club playing as SB in student tournaments, and then a … Continue reading

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Looking back, looking forward – Open Tour 2011-2012

This is a copy of the end-of-season email that Nick sent to camdisc. Hello camdisc, This email is not at all important for anyone who’s just joined so feel free to ignore it. Apologies for not being organised enough to … Continue reading

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The Club’s Financial State – October 2011

The email I’ve just sent out to camdisc regarding the Club’s finances. Date: 05 Oct 2011 10:12:42 +0100 To: Subject: The financial state of the club Hi again camdisc, The exec had our first meeting of the year on … Continue reading

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