New kit: The Verdict

Thanks for all your responses regarding the potential kit switch. I can now confirm that Strange Blue *will* be changing strips, going for a completely new design from Scimitar.

Almost 80% of responses were in favour of getting new kit. Add this to the savings future players will make (the new option being ~£30 cheaper than our current arrangement for 2 shirts and a pair of shorts), and the fact that we could not stay with our current kit for more than a year or two anyway: the combination of these factors makes changing kit the right option in the eyes of the exec and, we hope, the club at large.

The only major concern which was raised more than once in the poll were that people who have already bought kit may feel a bit miffed that they’re having to shell out again. This is addressed (I hope to a satisfactory extent) on the blog. In short, it is unfortunate, but completely unavoidable if we are ever going to change kit. We will be forced to do this within 2-3 years anyway. Furthermore, we already change strips far less frequently than some other clubs, and kit is the only expense that SB asks of you (besides actually playing tournaments, obviously)- a lot of other clubs charge subs as well. We have done as much as we can to make the new strip affordable. As above, it also saves a *lot* of money for future players. Finally, the club will be buying one or two spare strips. We can’t float any more than that but hope that this, plus borrowing from other people, will be sufficient for people absolutely unable to pay for new kit or who play with SB only very occasionally.

It’s not like you can never use it outside of SB tournaments, anyway… we’re doing all we can to make it look sweet as. Wear it for training, at the gym, lazing around at home, nipping out to the shops, in Cindies, for job interviews or at black tie dinners.

Well, not the latter. That would be discourteous. However, celebratory Cindies-in-kit sounds like a f*cking great idea; SocSec, get on that.

There are still a few deliberations being made behind closed doors before we’ll start taking in orders proper, but we’ll ask for a deposit of £20 when we do- this is because the club does not have much in the way of loose cash (incidentally, if you owe money to the club, pay it! it’ll be great…), which means the several-thousand pound order is coming out of the pocket of one of our players, and anything we can do to minimise that (and over-ordering) will be a huge help.

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