Open Tour team – feedback and solicitation

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We’ve had the form open for a while now, but I’ve had requests to collate the comments so far, and move the discussion to a forum where we can have more of a conversation (without spamming 600 people on camdisc). So here’s my summary of what’s been said, my brief rebuttals, and then an invitation to comment below. We have to approve comments so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear immediately – it will!

Vote results: Do you support the renaming of the Strange Blue Open tour team to an as-yet unspecified new name?
7 Yes
2 No

Name suggestions
Double Helix (x2), Strange Blue Balls, Not Balls Deep, Squealing Belugas (!?), ‘Cambridge. Discuss.’

Selected renaming thoughts

  • “Cambridge should appear in the name” (Coburn)
  • “I think it’s important to keep it as a renaming […] rather than the creation of a new team” (CBarnes)
  • “it should help more townies get involved” (Howard)
  • “2 pairs of new kit… student vs town divide… elitism” (Nick SD)
  • “Pros outweigh the cons… get new people, new energy… but want to keep that overarching Cambridge ultimate ‘family'” (T.Sandy)
  • “I, like quite a lot of people who play Tour with SB have zero links to cambs uni, so the idea of a fresh distinct identity sounds great to me” (LeeP)
  • “I understand and support the reasoning behind the renaming. My only concern is that over time the student team and open team could drift apart and so we could lose one of the best things about SB” (Tejas)
  • “I think it would remove any chance of confusion for prospective players who haven’t grown up in the Cambridge system. I think it might mean that we are able to attract better players in Cambridge who might not appreciate playing with what they see as a ‘Student Team.'” (Nimbs)

In brief, we seem to have two strands of opinion: people from within CambUni who are concerned about accessibility (the step up from college league to Open Tour), kit costs, and the general CambUni-Tour team relationship being less tight than it is currently.

The other strand is of people who haven’t been at Cambridge Uni, and thoroughly approve of the idea of – in name, at least – separating the identities of the CambUni and town team.

I’d like to make some very brief points to address some of the major concerns:

Kit: the concern about the current Lookfly kit is, in my opinion, a straw man as we will definitely be changing the style in the near future anyway, as Lookfly are discontinuing that design. So while the Student team may be able to continue on with a mix of old and new shirts, the Tour team would be completely restricted to the oldstyle due to Tour’s strict kit rules (one shirt type, all must be identical, all different numbers).

Accessibility/the CambUni-Open Tour divide: in no way is this plan a ‘breakaway’ – this is not happening. What is happening is a renaming of the Open Tour team (and only the Tour team – students will be remaining Strange Blue, to continue the 25-plus year history of Ulti in Cambridge). However, the team we have now is quite different those in the past – that team was much more heavily students (Open Tour 0 2007 had 7 students and 4 townies), whereas the squad we sent to UKU Nationals was: 5 current CU students; 1 ARU student (hi Lassie!); 2 townies ex-ARU; 4 townies ex-CU; and 4 townies from elsewhere. As the club’s identity evolves, it should better reflect who’s playing.

Furthermore, it should be emphasised that this is a renaming (not a schism!) – on a week-to-week, practice-by-practice basis, everything will remain the same as it is now, with Cambridge Ultimate as one big happy family.

So, that’s all from me for now. If people would like to start commenting feel free.


– Mike.

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2 Responses to Open Tour team – feedback and solicitation

  1. Pat says:

    Fear of how things will be in the future, should not dissuade change from occurring. The goal is to simply make the difference between the open team/student team more clear, not to separate the teams in function. The open team cannot practice without students, it cannot really function without students. Similarly, the student teams would lose a lot of help in organizing and teaching without townies to add a veteran presence. Town and Gown need to work together for Cambridge Ultimate to work, and no one is debating that. Leadership of Cambridge Ultimate has to balance that constantly, and occasionally it may swing more townie or more gown, but that’s just how it goes. Sometimes more townies are around, sometimes we have more PhD students that can’t seem to finish and are around for forever (great for both groups by the way).

    In any case, in my opinion it would make it easier if the Open team had a different name. However, I do not particularly like any of the names suggested. I feel that the name should somehow be related to the student name (strange blue)- and in some clever way that befits Cambridge making fun of itself or providing an inside joke to Cambridge folks. That would be ideal. Having that thought in mind- someone with language skills (latin? Cambridge Slang?) or poetic/literary reference skills (Guns?) have any ideas?
    An anagram would fit the Cambridge way I think- and being lazy I used the interwebs-

    There are hundreds of options, but my quick parsing yielded a couple favorites (for entertainment purposes)-
    Stern Beluga, Absent Gruel, Burnt Eagles, Angel Buster, Grab Lee’s Nuts, Blue Garnets, Brute Angels.

    Or we could go with the synonym game- Strange=
    aberrant, abnormal, astonishing, astounding, atypical, bizarre, curious, different, eccentric, erratic, exceptional, extraordinary, fantastic, far-out, funny, idiosyncratic, ignorant, inexperienced, irregular, marvelous, mystifying, new, newfangled, odd, oddball, off, offbeat, out-of-the-way, outlandish, peculiar, perplexing, quaint, queer, rare, remarkable, singular, unaccountable, unaccustomed, uncanny, uncommon, unheard of, unseasoned, unusual, weird, wonderful

    Blue= azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise, ultramarine

    Or the antonym game-
    strange-Common, Normal, Regular, Familiar
    Blue- Happy, cheerful, etc

    Or some weird combination of the above- that you can still imagine screaming at the top of your lungs- So can someone take this fodder and come up with something good? Its just random words right now….

  2. Sandy says:

    Some more ideas flying around at the pub post training yesterday (and almost univerally disliked if I’m being honest):

    Cambridge Badger Cull
    Look East (Dave Gresham’s contribution)
    Fenland Fury (or some other Fen related name, with the downside of making Rich Fenn feel overimportant)
    Dumpster (I thought of this one on my way home)

    I do quite like Stern Beluga – that would lend itself to a nice kit design I’m sure…

    Tall Sandy

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