Student Fitness over Christmas

Hey everyone,

So, as me and Adam mentioned in our last email, it would be really beneficial for everyone hoping to play for the open students next term to try and run and throw a bit over the Christmas break. I mean, who doesn’t want to do some cheeky tabata sprints post-Christmas dinner?! With most of us being away from regular trainings in Cambridge, it’s really important to keep the Ultimate mind and body fresh for trials at the start of Lent. By all means, rest those niggling injuries, eat a bunch of cake, but don’t go six weeks without touching a disc or moving from the sofa and lose what we’ve gained this term. Next term, we will be running some organised fitness sessions for the squad, but we’ll let you know more about those later.

So, in order to help everyone keep fit over Christmas, we’re totally encouraging people to join the fitness spreadsheet.

Whack your name at the top, and be sure to fill it in whenever you do anything. Throwing with your brother? That goes in. Lift heavy things at the gym? That goes in. Run and jump around a bit in an empty field? That goes in. MTA with the dog? I hope that goes in. This definitely ain’t compulsory for those hoping to play in the student squad next term, but we figure it’s a great way of motivating each other and sharing routines/tips/thoughts/links etc. We’ve done this very successfully in the past at SB (and with DCU – mad props to Chris B for the table o’ exercises on the left: be sure to use it and the links to help plan some fitness stuff), so we thought we’d do it again.

Check out these posts by our own amazing Mikey for help with training for Ultimate too: sprints and weights.

There’s a wealth of information online about training for Ultimate, so check out the links from the spreadsheet and Mike’s links in his posts. If you’ve any fitness questions (e.g. I’ve never trained for Ultimate before – what the hell do I do?), feel free to drop me a line and I’ll answer as best I can or get some advice from others.

Yeaaahhh fitness woooo!


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