Kit Ordering FAQ

Thought I’d blog up the questions which are arising wrt the ordering of the new kit. I won’t repeat anything that I’ve emailed, on the basis that I’ve already given a lot of information which doesn’t need to be repeated. If you can’t find the emails, then you’re using a crappy mailing client and deserve to be punished anyway (I recommend GMail to replace whatever you’re using). If you’ve deleted it, then… well, that was a bit silly. Contact me at cb619 with any issues.

Don’t forget the order deadline- 1800 on 14/01/12.

What’s up with the sizing?

You’ve got all the info I do (see my follow-up email with Scimitar’s sizing charts). I’ve repeatedly asked for more details but that’s all they’ve given me so far. We’re going for ‘standard fit’ with both male and female shirts.

I’m not a student but I’d like some of this schweet kit, be it a shirt, 2 shirts, shorts, or all of the above. is that cool?

Why yes, yes it is. Don’t expect pricing in line with the deal we negotiated for the set, though.

I expect there’ll be few enough of you that it’ll be less effort in total to just email me saying what you want.

Why didn’t I get a say in the final design of the kit?

The design was chosen by the committee. We would have liked to put it to camdisc and that was the original plan but unfortunately time pressures meant that this wasn’t possible (we had designs coming in until a few days before the order form went out, and Scimitar close their factory for a couple of weeks during Lent term so we’re really up against it- I’d have liked to set a solid deadline much earlier but we didn’t have enough options to make a fair decision at that point). We’d have had to hold a camdisc poll open for at least 1-2 weeks for it to be a fair demographic, which is a delay we couldn’t really afford- hence the very short order deadline, too.

As such, we decided that the next best thing would be a group decision by the committee as elected by the club. Remember those elections you all went to? There was a strong majority in favour of the kit which was selected, which we feel would have been reflected in a camdisc poll.

Is it too late for me to submit ideas and opinions on the kit?

For design, yes. Camdisc was given several months in which to suggest even the vaguest of thoughts about aspects of the design. My thanks go to Veronika N, Nick T, Jon M, and Hannah W who did submit their designs, and can only register my disappointment that Lily H’s possibly-comedic proposal never came to fruition.

However, we are still undecided on the font to use for the text and number on the back of the shirts. Any help on this, even if it’s just sending the names of 5 fonts at me, would be fantastic.

Is this a sleeveless design?

No. While the mockup does not show the sleeves attached to the front and back pieces, you’ll probably have noticed the extra bit at the top. I can reveal at this point that SB has elected not to play in mitres; as such it’s safe to assume that this is, in fact, the sleeve design.

So this auction thing is a great idea (may not actually have been said by anyone)! But what happens if two or more parties are willing to pay £5?

It is an issue. We encourage discussion between the contesting parties but will allot numbers ourselves if an accord cannot be reached, taking into account a number of factors.

I see you may or may not be closing the bidding a random length of time before the deadline, to prevent sniping. What’s that?

If there’s an auction with a hard temporal deadline, it can be abused by jumping in at the last moment and making a bid without fear of counter-bids. By making bidders unsure of exactly when the deadline is, this can be avoided.

Will the kit have our names on?

No. The committee decided that, due to the somewhat nebulous nature of SB and thus the fact that on any given line a fair number of players probably aren’t wearing their own kit, personalisation beyond a number wasn’t really what we were after.

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