The Future of the Open Tour Team in Cambridge

Hello all,

Last night we had a meeting with regards to the future direction of the Open Tour Team for the 2012 season and beyond.
It was well attended and there were several interesting points made,

We talked about the desire amongst a number of people in Cambridge to see us progress from a team ‘yoyoing’ between A tour and B tour to a team that starts making the top 12. As a club this won’t just happen by fluke, the top teams in the country work ridiculously hard both at practices and outside of them, and we need to start matching this if are to have any chance of joining them. As I mentioned in my first email as Captain, we all need to think about our games and what we could do to improve, if we all do this then we’ve the depth of talent available to make 2012 really exciting.

There was a consensus amongst all present that rebranding the Open Tour Team would help us in this aim, as it would give a greater focus for students from both uni’s and townies when it came to training hard for tour. We also felt it was important for the sake of clarity and a step to making us more welcoming of outsiders and undergraduates from universities other than Cambridge. There is an awareness that this is a ‘big’ move, but we also need to be aware that this move in itself achieves nothing, what’s outlined above is more important, this is one part of it. The second (and maybe even third) teams at tour will also be competing underneath this new banner, whilst we’re striving to have as successful a first team as possible we’re also intending to have teams underneath it who are competetive at tour.

We did chat about names briefly but unless something amazing comes up we’ll probably either be going with ‘Cambridge’ or ‘Cambridge Ultimate’ – these things will be discussed in the long winded and convoluted manner that is traditional of Ultimate in Cambridge, however I felt it necessary to keep you all updated of what occured at the meeting.

I’m in the process of assembling the 2012 brains trust who will assist me on our path to glory, watch this space. There will be more details about our practice structure etc shortly but as a date for your diary there will be an Open Practice on 18th Feb at Noon.

Thankyou to everyone who came to the meeting, and those who expressed views beforehand.



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