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More comments on lifting and fitness

I originally threw this in to one of the weekly emails that goes out on Camdisc. Then Sam and Chris both (independently) replied, with some interesting observations and comments of their own, which I thought would help to put my … Continue reading

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Cambridge Open 2012

Hello all, As promised yesterday here is some more information about how we intend to run our Open tour teams in Cambridge this year. Main points We intend to send at least 2 teams to each of the Open Tours … Continue reading

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Strange Blue dominates RAG Blind Date 2012

A more lighthearted article to offset the wordy tactics and such. I was approached by one of the organisers of RAG blind date and asked to promote it to the SB students. 11 players signed up; 9 from DCU, one … Continue reading

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The ‘minimal’ backhand

Edit: I’ve realised that ‘minimal’ isn’t a particularly descriptive term. Maybe ‘no-step’ would be a better one. Edit #2: Ha! Totally ahead of the curve. A couple of years ago, I was watching Nick throw at practice. He practicing this … Continue reading

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Strange Blue’s New Student Kit: 2012

I hope you’re all psyched. Because I’m pretty g*dd*mn psyched. Ladeeeez and gennelmen, I give you… Strange Blue. THE SHIRTS THE SHORTS THE BADASSERY. Anyway, I hope you agree that this is totally bitchin’ and worth my many, many emails. … Continue reading

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