Strange Blue’s New Student Kit: 2012

I hope you’re all psyched. Because I’m pretty g*dd*mn psyched.

Ladeeeez and gennelmen, I give you… Strange Blue.




Anyway, I hope you agree that this is totally bitchin’ and worth my many, many emails. Believe me, the committee have seen maybe 3x the amount you have and I’ve probably seen 4x what they have.

The price will be £54 per person (except Nick T., who wins, as well as my eternal gratitude, a 50% discount). This is marginally more than I told you to expect before but that’s because we weren’t getting quite the deal that I expected we were due to some unclear terminology- this includes a 10% discount for them sponsoring our tournaments this season.

There will be further opportunities to get this kit next academic year.

Non-students who just ordered shorts, they’ll be £21.60.

And should be here by UWIN!

Comments about how it’s totally boss, how I’m an angel in heavy disguise etc. will be much appreciated.


P.S. Remember to check out your number and fill in the years you’ll be active as a student here.

P.P.S. The club has also ordered 3 sets of spare kit: 2 M and 1 L. This is not to be, like, nicked or anything.

P.P.P.S. Coincidentally, I believe the last person to ‘permanently borrow’ some of the old spare kit was, in fact, a Nick.

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