SB Women @ Varsity 2012

After a fantastic win at Regionals a couple of weeks before Varsity, we were the favourites but could in no way underestimate the Oxford side. After winning the toss (! I never manage to win the toss!) we started on offense and rapidly scored. Oxford retaliated quickly with a score of their own leading to a long and hard fought third point that was finally ended by a sweet pass to Emily in the endzone. I breathed a little easier after then and that one point Oxford scored turned out to be the only one they would get all day. The girls played calm (but deadly effective offence) and massive defense (with Hannah justifiably winning the D prize after countless run through blocks).

People knew their roles, whether they were cutting incredibly (Valentijn now she is allowed to stop handling can stretch her legs), casually laying out hither and thither (Eve) collecting my throws or always being free and easy to throw to because they are just so rapid (Susanna). Our beginners in particular (Sam and Elenaor, can I even call you that anymore?) were standing and cutting exactly where they needed to and emerging from a pile of girls casually holding the disc. Whenever the pressure mounted, Megan was there playing calmly and with our very own family of supporters and a range of canine friends we gave the crowd something to watch. Our handlers were calm and competent (Alicia, Emily), our cutters rapid and reliable (Valentijn, Eve, Susanna, Valentijn and Hannah) and our deeps pretty unstoppable (Pri). A truly remarkable score and fantastic victory. Well done girls!

Indoors: Cambridge 6 – 1 Oxford
Outdoors: Cambridge 13 – 0 Oxford

– Emily

The Team was:
Emily Seward (C)
Alicia Schep
Eleanor Nicholson
Eve Tandoi
Hannah Williams
Megan Davies-Wykes
Priyanka Seth
Sam Robin
Susanna Bidgood
Valentijn Karemaker

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