SB1 @ Varsity 2012 (Indoors)

8-7 to Cambridge

Heading into what can only be loosely described as ‘Ultimate’ (i.e. indoors), we knew the competition was going to be tough. OW! had walked away with the Open Indoor Regionals title earlier in the season, so our cross-pitch lefty scoobers had to be totally money if we were going to win.

As it turns out, we didn’t throw any, but that was probably a good thing. Working for the most part out of a 3-2 offence or a 3-1-1 iso formation, we managed to trouble them in the deep space and quickly got into the lead. Elliott managed a sweet knee-destroying layout, beautifully pictured here by Ben (click next a few times to see the full glorious sequence). For an indoors game there were surprisingly few overheads, preferring hanging OI blades to best utilise our height advantage in the air.

Our defence consisted of a strong man backhand or a 2-1-2 dice, looking to funnel discs towards the middle of the pitch. The latter saw more game time in the closing stages as we tried to slow them down as much as possible to retain our lead. One memorable sequence involved a sweet layout poach D by Morgan, which Tejas described as something like “the fastest I’ve ever seen someone move from being vertical to being completely horizontal”.

Oxford managed to punch in a goal to take it to 7-7 at the buzzer. Sudden death. Receiving on O, the disc was kept safely upfield between our handlers before eventually finding Shannon (?) on the right hand sideline. After what seemed like eternity, Dom busted up the line to receive the game-winning pass. Indoor glory was ours in the tightest of matches.

– Adam & Sam

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