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Xmas Break Fun

Long awaited Christmas break is finally here. No more lectures 🙂 but loads of assignments 😦 They say you can’t work all day, so if you get the chance get out and do some of this to get you ready … Continue reading

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F*** you Blog Stats

Saw this and thought f*** you Nov 10th. But what it actually means is that Nov 10th was our most popular blog day in a good long while. Thanks for reading the blog over the Michaelmas Term!

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Tuesday Fitness 27th Nov 2012

Last fitness session of michaelmas 2012 this morning. Everyone that turned up was treated to some fun running and then banana cake with chic chips! We did this: Warmup 3x Suicides (w/ burpees, pressures, core in the breaks) Plyo hops … Continue reading

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Thursday 22nd Nov 2012

“Glorious” is how someone described the moment, when 8 people, coming from all directions, congregated in the middle of Jesus Green at 7.15am (ish). This being the last of this year’s Michaelmas Thursday throwing sessions, we tackled the difficult break side throw.  … Continue reading

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Sunday Practice – 12th November 2012

Here’s a mildly lengthy round-up of what we did at Sunday’s practice on 12 Nov. Although we talked about some quite difficult concepts, I was very impressed with how these were taken on board and the general standard of play. … Continue reading

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Fitness 6th Nov 2012

Good session today working on a few different things. Here’s what we did if you want to do this at some other time. Fitness 7.15 till 8.20 Warmup 3x Suicides (w/ core in rest) Plyos (hops etc) Suicide followed by … Continue reading

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Mini Tournament Photos

Here are some photos from the Mini Tournie last Friday. If you’ve got any good ones, send them to egm27 at cam ac uk and I’ll include them in this gallery!

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Defence and danger

These are the notes that I wrote for after the practice on 28 October 2012. Holler, Thought I’d put together a followup for Sunday practice. For those who missed the many joys of Sunday morning, we were working on defence … Continue reading

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How to be a handler

This is the email that Nick sent out after the practice he ran on 24 October, 2012. Hello, I’ve had a couple of requests for details about the drills we did and things we talked about on Sunday to be … Continue reading

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USAU Club Championships 2012 – game footage

Kia ora, I’ve been saving up a load of blog posts (from some of the many, many, many, many… many ulti blogs I read) with game footage from USAU CC 2012. And for your benificence, here they are… enjoy! Highlight … Continue reading

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