Tuesday Fitness 27th Nov 2012

Last fitness session of michaelmas 2012 this morning. Everyone that turned up was treated to some fun running and then banana cake with chic chips!

We did this:

  • Warmup
  • 3x Suicides (w/ burpees, pressures, core in the breaks)
  • Plyo hops (s2s 2feet, f&b 2feet, s2s 1foot, f&b 2foot, N shape 2foot, Slalom jumps)
  • Balance fun + pressups for any wobbles
  • Hurdles, sprint & catch
  • 2x 20 3m shuffles
  • 1x Pyramid Suicide to finish
  • CAKE!

Excellent session to finish the term off. Congrats to everyone who came along to any of them. They’ll be starting up again next term.

Over the Xmas break – if you want to continue with fitness – I will be sending out a fitness session you can follow. Check the blog.

If you’re around in Cambridge over the break, then I’ll be sending out times when I’m training if you want to join me.

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