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The science behind Tabata workouts

The science behind Tabata workouts Mike Fletcher used to be a huge advocate for these type of workouts. We’ll be doing these in the summer term in prep for Open Tour.

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Pre Nats Fitness

With only 4 weeks to go till the biggest tournie of the year, now’s the time to really get yourself into throwing and fitness. Remember, everytime you mark up against someone and you are fitter or quicker than them, that’s … Continue reading

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Hot yoga

Bikram (hot) yoga Being flexible is pretty important for athletes, and many of the top ultimate players use hot yoga sessions as great core workouts, with the added benefit of a really good stretching session. The room is heated to … Continue reading

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UKU-BUCS Uni Outdoor Nationals & Alumni Cup

20-21 April 2013 Nottingham Uni (Grove Farm) UKU-BUCS University Outdoor Nationals and Alumni Cup comes to Nottingham University’s Grove Farm. This is the same venue used for Mixed Tour and Open/Women’s Tour in previous years. As with 2012, we will … Continue reading

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