The science behind Tabata workouts

Mike Fletcher used to be a huge advocate for these type of workouts. We’ll be doing these in the summer term in prep for Open Tour.

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1 Response to The science behind Tabata workouts

  1. mike says:

    ha! yeah, i did enjoy these, foreshore. they definitely appeal to my slightly ADHD approach to fitness (i get really bored when doing the same thing over and over…).

    as the article says, they’re more of a cardio interval training than anything else – although i ran tabata plyo sessions, which i think worked reasonably well. with tabatas you’re doing relatively low rep, high intensity plyos which fits pretty well with the philosophy of plyos (better to do lower reps with better intensity/form, and don’t overload your legs with too many ground contacts in a single workout).

    here’s an example workout – the first one we ran, in fact (!):

    Cycle 1: burpees, pushups, lunge jumps (3 cycles of 1’30” = 4’30” total)
    2’30” rest
    Cycle 2: side-to-side shuffles, mountain climbers, jumping jacks (3 cycles
    1’30” = 4’30”)
    2’30” rest
    Repeat cycle 1
    Core: YWTAs (15s, 2 cycles), V-ups x10, Planks (1’30” front, 1′ sides, 1′
    Total workout time ~35 minutes (including warmup)

    you do kill yourself pretty quick, and a big advantage is that it’s a quick workout, so very easy to start c.8am and get to a 9am if you need to.


    – mike

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