Nationals Info for student squad

Some important info:

First game at 9.30 vs Sheffield
More info in the email forwarded from Si Hill below
If you’re getting the minibus – Meet at 6.30am outside Darwin college (Silver St) on Saturday. We’ll leave at 6.40am and meet the ‘2mins brigade’ to convoy up to NOTTINGHAM.
Ring me on 07984193014 if any problems.
Lenton Lane, Nottingham, NG7 2SA
We’re staying in The Nottingham Gateway Hotel Nuthall Rd, Cinderhall, Nottingham NG8 6AZ
Bring loads of food. There will be catering at the venue, but let’s not rely on. Bring some pasta and lots of energy foods to have before and during the games. I’m not sure what we’ll have at the hotel, so bring something for breakfast too.
Eat a huge meal tonight and drink loads of water today.
Neeloy is booking a restaurant for Sat night near the hotel for open and womens.
There’s always a surprising amount of things to do as Captains, and so it would be a real help if everyone can chip in an help out with a little job. Accepting volunteers for the following:
Co-pilot – help driver get to venue (ie. print out directions and navigate)
Co-pilot 2 – help driver get to hotel (ie. print out directions and navigate)
Spirit & Score – check Dom or I get spirit and score to TD after every game.
Schedule guy – someone to keep an eye on schedule to always know when the next game is and where.
Score & TO guy – know what the score is and how many TOs we’ve had at all times even if the scoreboard is wrong. James?
Booking Sat night restaurant – Neeloy (please book for 25 for us and women)
Warm up guy – someone to lead the warm up if captains are busy. George?
Pick up discs guy – someone to grab all our discs after drills so we don’t lose them all through the weekend.
Music guy – do you have a portable speaker and an ipod?
DOTD & POTD guy – note down any good stories for the writeup.
Blockstack photo guy – organise the team to make sure we get a pro photo by the blockstack Andy Moss (he said he’ll be hanging round pitches 11 & 12).
There will be other random things we need doing on the day.
This is the what we’ve been building up to for the whole year. All those session where you busted a gut are for this one weekend. Every time you step on the pitch you’ve got to give it everything. There will be no easy games. Every game will be like the sudden death game against Nottingham at regionals. Get mentally preparing yourself. Visualise yourself making the winning grab or the D. We are a great team, and this weekend we’re going to go out there and show the rest of the country how good we are. Get pumped.
Email from Si Hill:
UKU UON and Alumni Cup Update 3Event webpage <>

Schedule and pitch map now available from the event page (link at top of the page). Please remember that sometimes the schedule has to be changed so keep an eye out for corrections or updates although of course we will do our best to avoid making any changes.

We have port-a-loos in the middle of the field – but please remember there are lots of toilets in the buildings as marked on the pitch map. The changing rooms do have showers too of course.

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