Cambridge gets fit: Introduction

Hey all,

welcome to Cambridge gets fit. For the next six weeks, the Cambridge Ultimate community will try to get back in shape for the upcoming season after enjoying the christmas slump.

How to get involved:

  • If you don’t have your own, download Melissa Witmer’s free 6-week workout plan here.
  • Join the facebook group here.
  • Join our workout log ‘Cambridge Ultimate’ here. The password has been circulated on camdisc.
  • Sign up to the ultimate-fitness mailing list on the SB website.

Both the facebook group and the fitness list are intended for discussion – you are encouraged to contribute. We will have weekly blog post which will be announced on there too. Talk about the workouts, why you missed one, how you’re feeling, trash-talk your lazy housemates (or teammates),…

As if the idea of running your mark ragged on the pitch wasn’t incentive enough, we are offering up a first and second place prize for the winners! At the end of the 6 week period, we will judge who completed their workout logs the best, and award a first and second place prize to those people!

So what do we mean by the ‘best’? Who lifts the most? Who writes the most? Not at all. If I were to put my teacher hat on and give you some success criteria for what we are looking for, it would look something like this:

– Regularly filled out, very few gaps.
– In-depth details of what you are doing.
– Don’t just include your gym workouts. What else have you done in your life that will have an impact? How did you spend your rest day?
– Humour. No one wants to read boring data all the time.
– Banter between people, maybe through the use of creative hashtag.

First place will win a season pass of their choice to Rise Up Ultimate. They have multiple seasons, all about various things, and cost about $30!

Second place will win a shiny new Strange Blue disc because, well, you can never have enough discs.

Good Luck.


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