CUFT is the Townie vs Gownie fitness test which is running through the 2013 pre-season. For more info on why, and for the test itself check out this post. Once you’ve done the run, submit your times here for it to be included in the competition.

Results for January:

  • Fastest Run – James R & Lewis & George with 40sec
  • Fastest Female Run – Cat with 43sec
  • Best Average – George with 42.25sec
  • Best Female Average – Cat with 46.8sec
  • Best Drop Off – George with a score of 0sec *
  • Best Variance – Helen was the most consistent with a variance between runs of only 0.67

Huge improvements this month on last month – not sure if that’s down to fitness or me measuring out the cones differently. Hopefully it’s all fitness, but some people have improved by 20% which is a little odd considering the ground was pretty slippy too.

* Drop off is a measure of how much slower your last runs are than your first runs. This, along with variance, are the best measures of actual fitness, and are the most important scores to be improving on through the pre-season. Well, those and speed is pretty important too.

If you want to interogate the data, or look at your scores against others then all the data can be found here

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