Tournament hosting how-to

The intro:

While the ‘institutional memory’ of the club is pretty good – as Cambridge seems excellent at trapping alumni within the bubble – it’s not a given that the ‘people who have done things before’ will be around forever.

As such, we decided to put together a series of posts detailing how we hosted Midlands Uni Outdoor Regionals and Uni Mixed Outdoor Nationals, back-to-back (!), on two weekends in March of 2012. The idea is to provide a rough and ready overview of (i) what you need to do and (ii) how we did it. If you’re ever hosting a tournament in Cambridge in the future, feel free to thank us…

So yeah, like it sez on the tin: this is a guide to how to host a uni ultimate tournament in Cambridge. It doesn’t say everything but it should say most things and it should also tell you what to do and not to do, based on what we tried.

It is meant to be read in (roughly) numerical order. I’d suggest paying particular notice to the wrap-up (Part 13) once you get there.

Here we go:

Enjoy. And learn the lessons we learned.

– Mike, SB President 2011-12.

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